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The Crossroads - Cover Band

The Crossroads has sang from the first night when it was founded and later on in all the profiled clubs in Bucharest and many clubs around the country. Originally formed ad-hoc in 1996 the band played under the name AD-HOC for many years due to the fact that they always had a guest star from a well known band. After  a while it wasn't AD-HOC anymore so the band decided to go under the name The CROSSROADS.With a fairly big repertoire, hits, from the ’60's, '70's, '80's and up 'till 2040 ;o), The CROSSROADS  managed to reap lots of screams and applauses for a long time now.

Over the years Mike managed to attract in their lineup very good musicians with lots of experience and a creative state of mind and therefore lately they are considering to star work on an album.

The CROSSROADS  is a band that has a mixture of styles in their playing like: blues, disco, pop, funk, and rock.

Due to the fact that the guys in the band  have in their repertoire known songs many times people in the audience are singing along with the band and dancing and many times they are dancing on tables. Using songs with easy texts and easy to pick up melodies adding a cool interactive show makes the band to be very appreciated.

The members of The CROSSROADS  accumulated more than 25 years of great musical experience by playing in different projects with other big well known Romanian or international groups as well as by playing in clubs all over Romania, Greece, Cyprus, France, Germany and America which helps them to transmit their optimism to the audience in a great manner.

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