Anca Neacsu ex. Asia

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Anca Neacsu (ex. ASIA)


Anca Neaacsu  ex. ASIA With a complex repertoire made out of both original and well known cover songs, Anka will sing also songs in different languages like Greek, Spanish, Arabic, not to mention the very love songs from ASIA.

Anca Neaacsu




Two beautiful dancers will be present next to Anka and together they will make your evening unforgetable. The show will be a set of 45 minutes or as agreed.





For any kind of details please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ioan Gyuri Pascu

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Gury Pascu 02-

Ioan Gyuri Pascu- vocals, acoustic guitar
Vlady Cnejevici- keyboards, vocals
Teo Boar– electric guitar, vocals

Founded in 1992 by Gyuri Pascu with a large activity of 22 years in which they recorded 12 albums. There are dozens of songs writen and composed by Gury Pascu that contain more than one genre from reggae, blues, country adn even rock. The band also plays  even some covers or even known opera pieces sang with originality by Ioan Gyuri Pascu, Teo Boar şi Vlady Cnejevici.


Paula Seling

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Paula Seling

Paula Seling

It doesn’t seem realistic but she only started performing in 1996. Her dream si to sing to the world. She is driven forward by love & music so that makes it easier. Every once in a while I think back on my childhood and remember the way I grew up and some of the things I learned along the way were no always easy.

In 2001 she received The Award for the best female singer within the Awards of the Romanian Music Industries 2001. This proves she is on the right track with my music and my performances.

Depending on the size of your event, Paula Sling can come to your event as a solo singer or acompanied by a half size or a full size band. Her musical programe being adjusted to your needs.

- Paula Seling with backing trakcs
- Paula Seling with half band - Unplugged
- Paula Seling & Friends - Full band playing electric

For any detalis please get in touch - contact